Dear Dr. Honig, I wish to thank you for your hard work, dedication, and kindness shown in your treatments to me. Other chiropractors who have taken care of me helped a little, but with limited results. Since going to you, you helped me so much with my aches, pains in my neck, back, hands, and feet with the arthritis treatments, that I have not taken arthritis medications for a long time. I am free of those pains. Thank you again. Sincerely, from your devoted patient.

Phoebe F.

I am very impressed with Dr. Jeanette Honig’s professionalism, state of the art healing techniques, and level of genuine caring she’s doing for her clients. I am very happy with my treatment and look forward to continual reduction in my lower, upper, neck pain and continuous headaches/migraines due to my service connected disability in the United States Navy. My stamina increases in my overall health and happiness has definitely increased since receiving treatment at her chiropractic clinic in Howland Ave. River Edge New Jersey.

John T.

Dear Dr. Honig. You have a gift for healing. My mother’s quality of life has improved since you are in her life.You have enabled her with your care to do more physically, and therefore she thinks of herself as being useful to others. That’s important to her. Fondly,

Muriel P.

I have been coming to Dr. Honig since 1998. When I first came, I had severe headaches, which I don’t have anymore. Dr. Honig has healing hands and makes me feel like new.

Remus M.

Dr. Jeanette Honig is great and brings a personalized touch. She was able to tell me exactly what my back pain was stemming from and worked with me to reverse the years of damage. She’s the only chiropractor I felt safe to go to and she’s proven that. I will continue visiting her office in the future and would recommend anyone suffering any back pain to do the same.

Anas Z.

Kind and caring, conscientious, professional doctor like no other that I’ve visited. So many degrees and studies impressive background. She addressed all my back issues. I strongly recommended her to all my family coworkers, neighbors and even the UPS driver lol. Thank you Dr. Honig for all you do! Blessings always!

Johnny R.

Doctor Honig, is the best!!!! She will hit every nerve and joint..takes time to know what your personal issues are…l recommend her to anyone that has back, nerve, neck, shoulder, hand/carpel tunnel syndrome damage…very hands on…professional/clean environment…I cannot speak more highly about her…THE BEST!!!!.

Anna R.

Doctor Honig is a great Chiropractor she helps me with my pains all the time but also she is a great human being so compassionate. A great person.

Leticia C.

Dr. Honig is amazing. Whenever I discussed about my pain she knew exactly how and where to treat it. She is always there for me in a emergency. When I leave her office I feel great!

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